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Rössing to build new desalination plant

In response to critical shortages and the price of water at the coast, Rössing Uranium Mine now plans to construct its own desalination plant near Swakopmund.

The proposed plant will be located at the existing Swakopmund Salt Works, about 6 km north of Swakopmund and would produce around three million cubic metres of water per year.…

Woman on the rampage at Namib Times office

A mentally unstable woman went on the rampage at the offices of the Namib Times on Wednesday morning. She was apparently angry about a request from a reporter to submit a written account of her story.

Ms Merlyn Ehileme requested a journalist on Monday to publish her life story. “I am a medical doctor, a reporter, a prophetess,” she said and alleged that her father and her husband were…

Hosea Kutako International Airport promptly downgraded

Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport has been downgraded from Category 9 to Category 5, effective from Wednesday 23 July. 

This announcement follows an audit by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA) on the facilities of the Namibia Airports Company…

13-Jarige voorkom tragedie

Nog vyf plakkershutte het Maandagaand, omstreeks 20:00, in Swakopmund se Mondesa woonbuurt tot as verbrand.

Die vinnige optrede van die 13-jarige Douglas Khurirab, het voorkom dat een of selfs meer lewens in die slag gebly het.…

Mass housing contractors unhappy over payment

Contractors working on the mass housing project are having a hard time balancing the books and paying workers. More than 10 contractors have already quit the project and left the site since construction started in March.

President Pohamba visited the construction site at Kuisebond in May. The NHE maintains that the one-inch brick walls are of…

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1 Car seller cries foul

Car seller cries foul

Posted by Namib Times on November 15, 2013

2 Skoolkind pleeg selfmoord, laat 'n nota

Skoolkind pleeg selfmoord, laat 'n nota

Posted by Namib Times on July 22, 2014

3 Coast must prepare for electricity black-outs

Coast must prepare for electricity black-outs

Posted by Namib Times on July 22, 2014

4 'Need for speed' game an offence

'Need for speed' game an offence

Posted by Namib Times on July 22, 2014

5 Pay rise for security workers

Pay rise for security workers

Posted by Namib Times on July 18, 2014


Motor Cross bikes destroy protected areas in Dorob Park

Over the past week, 3 Motor Cross (MX) bikes have purposely decided to daily destroy protected areas within the Dorob National Park.

Coastodians are concerned over the impact of bikes in…

Swakopmund Matters queries Project Desert Rose

The proposed multi-billion dollar Desert Rose Development Project, south of the coastal town of Swakopmund, is getting heat from Swakopmund Matters and local residents, regarding the fact that they have not received any notification of a public meeting, or any documentation of any kind, detailing what is envisaged and how the public will be involved in the consultative process.

Swakopmund Matters started out…

Courts & Crime

Cables stripped for copper

It has recently been discovered that the coating of numerous copper cables is being dumped at a certain business enclosure in Walvis Bay after having been stripped and burnt by copper thieves.

Photo: Cables stripped for copper It has recently been discovered that the coating of numerous copper cables are dumped at a certain business enclosure in Walvis Bay after being stripped and burnt by copper thieves. A local resident who informed the newspaper about the situation alleged that these cables could be the cables stolen from companies such as Erongo RED, Telecom or MTC. “It looks as though copper thieves come to this area and use it as a hide-out to get the copper. It is difficult to spot them at this site while they are busy with their criminal activities,” he claimed. Mr John Ekongo from MTC was contacted for comment. “It would be best to speak to Telecom as we have an infrastructure sharing with Telecom,” he said. Mr Oiva Angula from Telecom confirmed that the particular cables are not from Telecom. The business owner of the enclosure, who does not want to be named, told the newspaper that he reported the problem on numerous occasions to the municipality. “This problem has been on the roll since last year. People are using the enclosure as a dumping site, not just as a hideout to strip the cables. The gates were broken off by vandals to gain entry. I have spoken to the police about this, but yet it remains a problem. The material lying around is definitely stolen cables,” he said. According to the spokesperson, the culprits burn the coating to retrieve the copper which the thieves later sell. He explained that he tried to remove the burnt rubber and plastic which are regarded as hazardous material but more cables were dumped. He said he wanted to level the area but the quotation is almost half a million dollars and is too expensive. “It is definitely a problem. From my side I can say that I have put in a lot of effort to keep these culprits away, but the problem is recurring,” he said. Copper/cable theft became a problem to such an extent where cash rewards have been offered in the past to anyone reporting such crime. Often, many people are unable to use their phones, because the network is interrupted because of cable thefts. Public relations officer of Erongo RED, Mr Benjamin Nangombe, when asked to comment said, “I cannot confirm, nor refute that these cables belong to Erongo RED. It will be better if the Erongo RED team can investigate the site and establish if the cables belong to Erongo RED or not. I am currently busy doing calculations to see how badly cable theft has affected our company in the past,” he said. Mr Nangombe also mentioned that it is a serious problem, because Erongo RED continues to be plagued with copper thefts resulting in significant damage to electrical infrastructure and networks. “Depending on the nature and extent of the damage, we are forced to shut down the affected substation to do repair work which results in other electricity users being deprived of electricity and having to wait for hours before the service is restoret.” Nangombe said restoration can take between five and ten hours and during that time the area feeding from the affected substation will be without power. “Over the last three years the direct loss incurred was nearly N$1 000 000. However, there are also indirect losses which run into hundreds of thousands due to un-surf energy cost and secondary losses to customer equipment. Stealing of power cables and copper bus bars also increase the operating cost as unnecessary cost has to be disbursed on repairing damaged network,” he said. According to Nangombe the most targeted areas are substations in less densely populated areas and substation in remote areas such as Omdel Substation which is feeding the Omdel water scheme. Similar substations in small towns such as Karibib, Omaruru and Karibib are also targeted. “A month ago, the Omdel substation was targeted and 80% of the earthing wire was ripped out. We do not know who the culprits are. However, we know that they sell these wires to scrap dealers. We have put some security measure in place, but the cable thieves just know how to go around and get what they want. We urge all members of the public to report any acts of vandalism on our electrical infrastructure at our offices or nearest Police station. Incentives are being offered for any tips-offs that lead to apprehension. Tampering with our electrical infrastructure is a criminal act and may also lead to imprisonment if found guilty. Removing of copper bars and copper conductors can cause the voltage to rise and put appliances such as televisions sets, refrigerators and radios at risk. It also disrupts supply to other essential service providers such as schools, banks and hospitals. In addition, removing cables and bus bars is risky and the effect could be deadly to those involved in copper theft,” he concluded. A local resident reported the situation and alleged that these cables could be the cables stolen from companies such as Erongo RED, Telecom or…

Fleeing suspect apprehended

Duin Street residents in Narraville were woken up by a loud bang shortly after midnight on Thursday morning. 

When residents arrived to investigate, they saw a black sedan vehicle (N13375S) speeding away and discovered that it had crashed into a Toyota sedan (N5356S) of the Rio Tinto Mining Group, which was parked in the street. …


Capital Outsourcing Group opens office in Walvis Bay

A new human resource management company, the Capital Outsourcing Group (COG) officially launched the Namibian branch last Wednesday at the Yacht Club in Walvis Bay.

COG is one of the established temporary employment service companies in South Africa, supplying over 26 000 temporary staff a month, to most industries at all…

Credit scheme to help youth engage in economy

The Namibia Youth Credit Scheme (NYCS) will conduct a four day skills-training workshop in Walvis Bay next month to help unemployed and self- employed youth in the region.

The workshop will be attended by 25…

Advance fee fraud disguised as competitions

The Bankers Association of Namibia (BAN) advised in a media statement that they would make the public aware, on a regular basis, of scams still happening in Namibia and that people should be aware of.

Last week BAN concentrated on the prize and lottery scam, which is advance fee fraud, whereby people are led to believe they have won a huge…

Roads and Traffic

Traffic officers appeal to drivers to heed rules of the road

The Traffic department of Walvis Bay has raised concern regarding vehicles left in public areas after instructions were given to remove these vehicles.

A crash scene outside the Walvis Bay police station. Photo File 2013…

Truck crashes at Diaz Circle

An ERF truck (N 150-618 W), pulling double link flat top trailers loaded with charcoal capsized at the Diaz circle in Walvis Bay at approximately 16:30 on Friday.

Nobody was injured in the incident; but when traffic officials arrived on the scene they found the truck abandoned. Upon investigation they found the license of C Katjipoto in the…


Mayors promise to end hunger

A three-day workshop on Food and Nutrition Security attended by Civic leaders in Windhoek resolved to drive urban agriculture in order to end hunger in Namibia.

Windhoek Mayor Agnes Kafula (left) and Walvis Bay Mayor Uillika Nambahu presenting recommendations on Food and Nutrition…

Klazen and Kavita elected for Swapo’s 'pot'

Former Walvis Bay mayor, Mr Derek Klazen and Mrs Priscilla Kavita of the Swapo party’s Women’s Council were on Saturday elected as the Erongo Region’s candidates to participate at the coming Party Electoral College in Windhoek.…



Rössing to build new desalination plant

Started by Namib Times in News 1 hour ago.

Woman on the rampage at Namib Times office

Started by Namib Times in News 1 hour ago.

Mayors promise to end hunger

Started by Namib Times in Politics 2 hours ago.

Hosea Kutako International Airport promptly downgraded

Started by Namib Times in News 2 hours ago.

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Somaeb signs with Free State Stars

Langer Heinrich Uranium (LHU) Blue Waters chairperson Hafeni Ndemula announced that their star striker and current Namibian Premier League top marksman Hendrik Somaeb (22) signed with Free State Stars. 

Photo: Shooting star Langer Heinrich Uranium (LHU) Blue Waters chairperson Hafeni Ndemula announced that their star striker and current Namibian Premier League top marksman Hendrik Somaeb (22) signed with Free State Stars. Ndemula made the announcement at a press briefing on Tuesday. Somaeb captained Blue Waters, scored 22 goals in the recently concluded campaign and will join fellow compatriots Rudolph Bester (formerly from Arrows) and Da Costa Angula (formerly from Black Africa) at the South African based Premier League team. On Sunday, in Bethlehem in the Free State, he put pen to paper following a one month trial stint. Hendrick said he is happy with the deal offered to him by the South African outfit and shared the good news with his mother first. “Training is tougher and the competition in South Africa is more intense. I am looking forward to work hard in order to clinch an improved deal within the near future” he commented. He donated N$5 000 to Narraville Primary School and De Duine Secondary School each and N$50 000 from his signing fee to Blue Waters be-fore he left for South Africa. He joined his new team on Wednesday to prepare for the new season that will start on Friday, 8 August. Free State Stars will take on Kaizer Chiefs in their season opener. Current Blue Waters coach, Paulus Shipanga recommended Somaeb to Free State Stars which plays in the South African Premier Soccer League. Somaeb signed with the club which was founded in 1977 in a small village in an area then known as QwaQwa. The club gained promotion to the National Premier Soccer League in 1986 and is currently coached by Belgium national Tom Saintfiet. The club finished 14th in the 2013/2014 season. Its previous honours include being crowned Baymed Cup Winners 2006, Mvela Golden League Champions 2004-05 and 2006-07, Second Division Champions 1985 and Coca-Cola Cup Winners 1994. Ndemula hailed Somaeb’s feat as a joyous occasion for the Namibian sport fraternity and his former club. “We are truly champions when it comes to providing quality players and achieved this through hard work and dedication. We produced the likes of Ranga Lukas and Riva Ekonja in the 1970’s, Sandro de Gouveia, Koko Muatunga, Armando Pedro, Paulus Shipanga, Zico Paulus and Ronnie Kanalelo in the 1980’s,” said Ndemula. He also paid tribute to Langer Heinrich Uranium for standing by the club as a sponsor and supporting the development of young players. Ninety percent of the current crop of Blue Watersplayers is younger than 25 years. An emotional Sandro de Gouveia (Blue Waters Treasurer) who had been involved in the development of Somaeb from the age of 12, said that the club was a vehicle for many players and helps them grow by changing their attitudes. “Somaeb proved that hard work cultivates hope and can make dreams come true. LHU did not only availed monetary support but installed vital requirements at Blue Waters such as being financially accountable and thus ensured that we will continue to create better individuals.” LHU Corporate Relations Manager Ratonda Murangi Katjivikua commented that the company was honoured to be associated with the team and a player of Somaeb’s stature. “Through our partnership with Blue Waters we sponsored the devel opment of four players over the past six years and believe that Somaeb’s achievement will encourage others to follow in his footsteps,” she said. Walvis Bay Municipal Sport Officer Daniel Mouton said that he was overwhelmed by the announcement and that Somaeb’s achievement proves that proper development will produce proper players. Somaeb started his soccer career by playing street soccer in the dusty salt streets of Kuisebmond. He played for NPS and De Duine and was roped in by De Gouveia and Mouton as a member of their DDD Soccer Academy at the age of 12. Under their mentorship he was chosen to represent Namibia on two occasions in Christiansand, Norway. Mouton recounted how he followed Somaeb from the first day he set eyes on him and how he allowed Somaeb to play at u/17 level at the age of 13. He concluded by thanking Blue Waters for believing in Somaeb. De Gouviea shared how he convinced coach Lucky Shipanga to introduce the young hard running and exceptionally quick Somaeb in the second half against African Stars in 2009 for his first premier league match. The player went on to become the National u/17 squad captain and also played for the u/20 side. Ndemula made the announcement at a press briefing on Tuesday. 

Somaeb captained Blue Waters, scored 22 goals…

Prizes up for grabs in Xtrail Run

Windhoek Light, together with Otb Sport and Midgard Country Lodge, is hosting an Xtrail run and Mountain Bike ride in the mountains at the source of the Swakop River.

Here, high up on the farm Midgard, the first streams start which develops into the huge Swakop River. This is the first year that the run will be held in these mountains.…

Oswald Campbell wisseltrofee die naweek

Dolphins Rugbyklub en Kudus van Walvisbaai gaan môre, op die Vineta Noord sportveld in Swakopmund, mekaar die stryd aansê om as wenner van die gesogte Oswald Campbell wisseltrofee gekroon te word.

Hierdie trofee is verlede jaar laas aangebied en Dolphins is die huidige kampioene, nadat Kudus dit by twee vorige geleenthede gewen het. Volgens…

Reinhardt word uitstekende gimnas

Reinhardt van Zyl het op die ouderdom van sewe begin gimnastiek doen en het Namibiese kleure gekry vir die Zone 6 Spele toe hy agt jaar oud was.

Reinhardt het potensiaal getoon in trampolien, dubbel mini en tuimel en het oor die afgelope 10 jaar aan verskeie kompetisies deelgeneem. Hy het tot op hede 70 goud, 26 silwer en 11 brons medaljes…

Harry Simon to fight Serbian Ajetovic again

Former World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Super and Middleweight champion Harry Simon will fight Serbian, Geard Ajetovic in a rematch scheduled for Walvis Bay early in August. 

Simon defeated Ajetovic in 2013 and won the vacant International Boxing Federation (IBF) International Light Heavyweight title by unanimous decision over 12 rounds. He was supposed to defend his title in July but did…


Pakleppa's film on anti-colonial struggle opens at NTN on Sunday

President Hifikepunye Pohamba will be the keynote speaker at the launch of Richard Pakleppa’s latest documentary film, Paths to Freedom, this Sunday at the National Theatre of Namibia.

The President features in the documentary as one of the interviewees, alongside other prominent Namibian leaders and activists such as Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Founding President Sam…

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Health & Beauty

Raising a child with cerebral palsy: a mother's story

I am a mother (26) and want to share the life changing journey which my son and I experienced so far.

The last five years of my son, Justin Joshua`s life has been not only difficult, emotional and heartbreaking but miraculous too. Justin was born on 3 March 2009 at 29 weeks. He weighed a fragile 1.5kg`s. He was hospitalised and incubatored for a month, he…


Tienerswangerskappe – die vet is in die vuur

Media beriggewing aangaande die feit dat byna 90 skooldogters in die Erongo Streek in die “ander tyd” is, het die kus behoorlik aan die gons.

Mynwerkers word as die sondebokke, wat nie hul hormone in toom kan hou nie, uitgewys en hierdie stelling het baie van die manne behoorlik omgekrap.

Vissermanne vaar glo in dieselfde bootjie.



Pedal Power at Tour d’ Narraville

Twenty-five cyclists participated in the Tour d’ Narraville, presented by the Verenigde Gereformeerde Kerk (VGK) on Saturday.

The race is an annual adventure ride organised by church members to raise funds for the congregation. 

It serves the purpose of providing cyclists from Walvis Bay with an opportunity to visit Narraville…



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