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Swakopmunders het Vrydagoggend ‘n perd van 'n ander kleur gesien, nadat 'n zebramerrie haar vulletjie die see wou kom wys het.

Volgens brandweerhoof, mnr Adri Goosen, is een van die gestreeptes vroegoggend by die ou rioolstasie in Tamariskia opgemerk, waarna dit na Ocean View Spar se kant toe galop het. Van hier is die ma-zebra na die DRC se kant aangejaag, met polisie, verkeersbeamptes en die brandweer wat hul hande vol gehad het.

Mnr Goosen sê dat hulle daarin kon slaag om haar in die omgewing van die nuwe rioolstasie te vang, waarna sy in die woestyn vrygelaat is. Die vul is blykbaar by Namib Primêre Skool opgespoor, waar dit besig was om met die kinders te speel. Dit is onduidelik presies hoe die twee gestreepte diere in die dorp gekom het en of hulle dalk maar net 'n bietjie vakansie wou kom hou het.

Een kenner meen dat die diere moontlik as gevolg van die droogte, wat tans die land teister, na die kus gekom het op soek na water en voedsel.

Foto Fernando Garces

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Walvis Bay SPCA says thank you

After the fire that occurred at the SPCA, management wants to inform the community that
everything is in order at the SPCA and they want to express their sincere thanks towards
the community.

A spokesperson at the SPCA, Mrs Rheta Smeer said, “all is well at the SPCA after the fire occurred. Thank you to everyone who assisted us.
Various items have been donated to our Kennel Master after she lost everything in the fire.…

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Fines Issued over Festive Season

During the festive Season, over the period of 1 December to 31 December, a total of 72 fines were issues by the Surveillance Sub-Section at Road Block and Coastal Patrol. For Harvesting and retaining under sized fish, there was 26 cases, harvesting Marine Living Resources without permits- nine cases, in possession of annelid worms, 16 cases, transportation of fish not in whole state-two cases, rock lobsters with eggs in berry- one case, excess white mussels-12 cases, limpets-three cases and…

Elephant seal spotted at beach

"The elephant seal is back. She has been a regular visitor for many years now; we never know where she comes from or where she will be going next." Friday, kayak combo clients witnessed the return of the elephant seal. She comes almost every year, always on her own, until she disappears to her other habitat(s).

Elephant seals are large, oceangoing earless seals in the genus Mirounga. The two species, the northern elephant seal and the southern elephant seal (M.…

Bottlenose dolphin stranding at Wlotzkasbaken

The bottlenose dolphin population which inhabits the very nearshore waters of the central coast of Namibia is one of the smallest populations of any mammal in the country, numbering just over 100 individuals. This small population has to compete for food and space resources with fishermen, seals, sharks, and a number of human activities which are increasingly encroaching on their habitat, especially in the central Walvis Bay-Swakopmund area. Any loss from this small population is…


Bernard plans to launch a book

HIV/AIDs activist Bernard Kamatoto is planning on launching a book called “Sex is great but let’s be honest,” before the middle of the year.

The book tells his own personal story on issues he had to deal with after being diagnosed with the HI-Virus over ten years ago. According to…

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Geskok tot in my siel

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