A new breed of sophisticated manipulative business people are operating at the coast. Members of the public are called from a South African phone number (number withheld) and informed that they have won anything from N$30 000 to N$50 000 or a holiday. 

They then receive a confirmation sms and are invited to come and claim their guaranteed prize at a local hotel. 

The Namib Times was alerted by numerous concerned members of the public who wanted to know if the business was legitimate and resolved to dispatch a reporter to inves-tigate after staff members at the company also received calls and confirmation sms's. The reporter accompanied a lady who went to claim her prize. Upon arrival at the hotel the couple was warmly welcomed by two fancy dressed gentlemen and a lady who stated that they represented a certain holiday club.

One man introduced himself and asked the couple to make themselves at home in the lounge where he provided the lady, who had come to claim her prize, with a form to be completed before she could receive her prize. “You will have to listen to a short presentation before you can claim your prize” he stated.

Upon hearing that the lady was not accompanied by her husband he immediately changed his tune and suggested that she leave her contact details and address. “We are a sales team with a difference and would love to visit you at home to do the presentation, have a barbeque and hand your prize to you in the presence of your husband” he said while continually stating that you only had to listen to the presentation in order to receive the prize. He reiterated that the business was completely legitimate and that an advertising campaign was being aired via Kanaal 7 Radio. Heidi Bok, the Assistant Marketing Manager at Kanaal 7 responsible for the scheduling of advertisements and competitions refuted this claim and stated that she was unaware and did not have any knowledge of the specific holiday club’s campaign.  Numerous other couples arrived to claim their prizes but none left with any after they listened to the presentation but refused to sign any documents. Zirk and Henrita also advised Namib Times readers via the newspapers letters page on 2 August to be cautious and not to get involved with a company called African Club Innovations (ACI), not the one referred to in the article,  which according to them had misled them and cost them more than N$40 000 over a period of ten months after they increased administration fees without advance notice from N$560 to N$1 041. They allege that the company's presentation was based on empty promises and lies and that they withheld important information during contractual sessions.  

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Honde se bakleiery en die wet

Duidelike munisipale regulasies oor die verantwoordelike aanhou van honde blyk steeds nie voldoende te wees vir sekere honde-eienaars in ons gebied nie. ’n Inwoner van Langstrand se hond is onlangs aangeval 'n hond sonder halsband wat net eenvoudig van die straat af haar hond in haar erf aangeval het. Die vrou, wat verkies om anoniem te bly, sê sy het al ‘n geruime tyd agtergekom dat mense gaan draf met hul honde sonder halsbande en dan gebeur so-iets. Die aanval op haar hond was vir haar en…

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Pikkewyntjie is nou “Happy Feet”

‘n Uitstappie na die paaltjies vir Tommy Smit en Alet van Greunen verlede Donderdag het gelei tot die redding van ‘n pikkewyntjie.Tommy het tydens die uitstappie vermoed iets is verkeerd, toe hy mense opgemerk het wat iets probeer verwilder see toe. Hy het terug gery nadat die persone weg was, om te kyk wat dit was. Met hul aankoms op die punt het hul gesien dis ‘n klein Afrika-pikkewyn wat toe sommer ook onmiddelik na Alet toe gehardloop het en by haar gaan staan het. Pikkewyntjie het toe…

Fines Issued over Festive Season

During the festive Season, over the period of 1 December to 31 December, a total of 72 fines were issues by the Surveillance Sub-Section at Road Block and Coastal Patrol. For Harvesting and retaining under sized fish, there was 26 cases, harvesting Marine Living Resources without permits- nine cases, in possession of annelid worms, 16 cases, transportation of fish not in whole state-two cases, rock lobsters with eggs in berry- one case, excess white mussels-12 cases, limpets-three cases and…

Elephant seal spotted at beach

"The elephant seal is back. She has been a regular visitor for many years now; we never know where she comes from or where she will be going next." Friday, kayak combo clients witnessed the return of the elephant seal. She comes almost every year, always on her own, until she disappears to her other habitat(s).

Elephant seals are large, oceangoing earless seals in the genus Mirounga. The two species, the northern elephant seal and the southern elephant seal (M.…


Don’t overlook domestic violence

A local resident recently witnessed a man on the side of the road struggling with two police officers who were trying to get him into a police van and according to a member of the Walvis Bay Neighbourhood Watch, after they were notified of the location, it is allegedly a recurrent case of domestic violence.

According to the eye witness she was coming from work when she saw the man begging the officers not to arrest him, but the officers allegedly replied that they needed to…

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Geskok tot in my siel

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