Wellbeing of the fishermen at heart

Backed by the Affirmative Repositioning labour wing, about 400 fishermen on Monday 31 June took to the streets yesterday, saying they have been re-employed on fixed-term contracts, instead of permanent jobs as stipulated by the former fisheries minister Albert Kawana.

The fishermen, who were recently employed through a joint venture said they did not receive any benefits, despite a 13822 metric ton quota being allocated for their permanent employment.
The fishermen are accusing Cavema Fishing and subsidiary companies Camposatu, Vernier Investments and The Rainbow who employed them of cheap tactics to score quotas under the pretence of giving permanent employment.
Samuel Kondo who read the petition on behalf of his fellow seamen said Kawana made it clear the allocation is to preserve employment.
Kondo said “We make reference to the letter written by former fisheries minister Albert Kawana, dated 24 July 2020. He makes specific reference that an allocation of 5 600 MT of freezer horse mackerel quota has been made to Camoposatu, 6330 MT of freezer hake quota, 500 MT of freezer hake quota to Rainbow Fishing as well another 1 792 MT of freezer hake quota, all as recommended by Cavema Fishing (Pty) Ltd joint venture.
“The above quota allocation was for purposes of ensuring permanent employment of 645 fishermen who lost their employment” Kondo said.
Kondo added that this is contrary to the government directive, and they are still left in the dark regarding the certainty of their employment status.
“We are still in the dark about our employment; some of us are engineers and earning a mere N$3 900, which is a slap in the face” Kondo said.
The Chairman of Cavema Robert Shimooshili who received the petition said they will look into the claims at their earliest convenience.
According to Shimooshili there is a lot of discrepancies and misunderstanding but he is sure that they will achieve something if they meet around the table.
Shimooshili added they have the wellbeing of the fishermen at heart and will revert to them as soon as possible.
“We feel pity for you, seeing that you have been without jobs for so long and our aim is to look after you,” Shimooshili said.  The fishermen then requested that the company responds to their grievance before 8 June or else they will approach legal practitioners and the high court for a permanent solution.

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