17-year-old accused of raping of raping younger boys

Rumours recently surfaced regarding a high school learner in Walvis Bay allegedly touching younger boys indecently and the police stated yesterday that the learner (17) had indeed been arrested on Tuesday.

According to a trusted source, a minor witnessed how the accused touched younger boys at school. The accused allegedly assisted with rugby practise for younger boys on a regular basis.

“One of the minors apparently saw the learner telling the boys to pull down their pants and then allegedly fiddling with their private parts. It makes one wonder how many boys had already been victims,” the source said.

The newspaper spoke to the Nampol Deputy Commissioner, Otillie Kashuupulwa yesterday, who confirmed that the learner had been arrested on Tuesday. “He was accused of rape. He appeared in the Walvis Bay magistrates court yesterday, however I cannot confirm whether the case had been postponed,” she concluded.

The newspaper does not have the jurisdiction to reveal the accused’s name as he is under 18.

The reporter wanted to speak to the accused’s parents for a chance to convey their side regarding their son’s arrest, but a spokesperson said that there would be no comment from the parents at all. We have also been advised not to identify the school.

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