17-year-old raped by taxi driver

The Walvis Bay community is left in shock at the news of a 17- year-old Kuisebmond Secondary School student allegedly raped by a taxi driver during the early hours of Sunday morning. The suspect is still at large.

The victim was reportedly on her way home from the Seapoint area of Kuisebmond, when the taxi picked her up. 
The driver allegedly ignored her directions and drove to a spot in the direction of the Narraville bridge, where he allegedly forced himself on her and then drove off.
With the victim left stranded at the rape scene, she had to find her way home. She reported the matter to the Police and said it happened between 01:00 and 02:00. Due to the extreme trauma the victim suffered, she cannot recall all the detail.
The Police urge anyone with information to contact the nearest police station.

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