1970 – 1962 Extracts from the Namib Times.

6 February 1970: Swakopmund will soon have its first private swimming pool. Mr. D. Gudehus is having the swimming pool constructed in the garden of his home near the Rupprecht Heim. The pool measures 15 by 30ft and its depth 3ft 6 inches.

19 April 1962: the Namib Times banned from any military occupied premises in Walvis Bay. The ban originates from news coverage the commanding officer have not approved.

28 April 1962: NG Gemeente op Swakopmund neem nuwe pyporrel in gebruik.

Walvis Bay took its current Mayoral Chain officially in use on 25 July 1963. The Mayor Clr. C. Botma wore it for the first time at that month’s Council meeting. The new chain was designed and manufactured in South at a total cost of N$400.

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