2016 Endurance concludes today

The Africa Endurance Championships 2016, hosted by the Namibian Endurance Ride Association (NERA), started at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning, 24 August, with 164 participants from Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

This elite annual equestrian competition is seen as the ultimate endurance challenge, as it puts both rider and horse to the test. Riders are taken through a variety of areas such as along the salt pans, through the dunes by Dune 7 and along the sea.
“The riders ride about 120km in total with resting stops, giving horses at least 45 minutes to rest and drink water. We take the condition of horses very seriously”, commented a senior official, Dieter Neumann.
Endurance is a competition where the speed and endurance of a horse is put to the test, but riders are also tested as to how effective they use pacing and the thorough knowledge they have of their horses.
Although the riders are time bound, finishing in good condition rather than coming first is the main goal. Excessive fatigue, signs of lameness and other indications of problems can lead to elimination from the competition.
Participants, including guests from Turkey; America and Ireland, were welcomed on Monday, 22 August, with a welcoming function at Walvis Bay Town Hall. The prize giving function will be held tonight at Walvis Bay Town Hall.

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