24 year-old arrested for insurance fraud

The Police arrested 24 year-old Sydney Halupe after he allegedly attempted to defraud his insurance company to the value of N$241 926. He was arrested on a charge of perjury and was released on bail to the amount of N$1 500.
The case was reported by Detective Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu, acting regional crime investigations co-ordinator for Erongo. According to Iikuyu the suspect allegedly gave a false statement under oath on 10 January. He opened a case of housebreaking and a case of theft alleging that his garage at his residence in Vrede Rede Street in Jabulani, Swakopmund, was broken into between 25 December 2016 and 09 January 2017. He stated that he was on holiday on a farm and upon his return found his house broken into. He alleged that beds, beddings, sitting room sets, fridges, flat screen TVs, a microwave, a coffee table set and more items with a combined value of N$ 241 926 were stolen by unknown persons.
“The scene was visited on the 11 January 2017 between 10:00 and 12:00 and the alleged stolen items were found hidden in the house which was allegedly broken into, while some other items were found hidden at another family house in the Jabulani suburb”, Iikuyu said. It is alleged that it was the suspects’ intention to defraud the insurance company.
Halupe was arrested and made his first court appearance in the Swakopmund magistrate court on 12 January. He was given bail to the value of N$1 500. The case was postponed to today (17. January) for further investigation.
Iikuyu warned the public to refrain from making false statements with the Namibian police as it is a criminal offence punishable by law. “The Police do and will always conduct a thorough investigation in all cases reported to us and if it is found that the case reported is a false case you will be dealt with accordingly,” Iikuyu stressed.

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