25-years concession for Delta Adventures

A concession for the exclusive access to conduct tourism related operations in the Kuiseb Delta area was signed on Monday, 26 November 2018 between the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, through the Kuiseb Delta Development Trust, and Delta Adventures cc, a division of long-term tourism activity operator Sandwich Harbour 4×4.

The concession, which is valid for 25 years, gives Delta Adventures the exclusive right to conduct excursions in the area.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Chair-person of the Kuiseb Delta Development Trust (KDDT), Ms Alwina Kham, expressed her satisfaction that a suitable operator was contracted following an exhaustive selection process.
She expressed her excitement about the benefit due to the Topnaar community through the concession.
Mr Theunis Keulder, owner of Sandwich Harbour 4×4 (pictured herewith with some of stakeholders who will be benefitting from this agreement), explained that a variety of tourism related excursions and activities would be offered in the concession area. These include the following:
*a new exclusive route to Sandwich Harbour through the concession area
*cultural tours including the area’s fauna and flora and historical sites
*little 5 tours in the dunes along the Kuiseb
*walking trails
*photographic excursions
*horse trails
The concession also makes provision for the establishment of overnight facilities such as a tented camp and an exclusive lodge on the banks of the Kuiseb Canyon.
Mr Keulder explained that, in terms of the con-cession agreement, a number of people from the Topnaar community would be trained as guides, as well as for the purpose of operating overnight facilities to be constructed. A part of fees raised would be invested for the benefit of the Topnaar community in a corporate social responsibility fund.

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