3 accidents in one month at this intersection

Members of the public expressed concerns this week over the pre-valence of vehicle accidents lately on the intersection of Nangolo Mbumba Drive and 11th Road in Walvis Bay. Three accidents during March on this intersection revealed the main causes: disregarding red traffic lights and speeding.

On Tuesday afternoon, two vehicles collided in the intersection after one of the drivers ran a red traffic light. The force of the collision sent one of the vehicles onto the pavement, narrowly missing the front section of a second-hand goods shop.
In an accident a week earlier, a light pick-up was also hit by a sedan vehicle in the same intersection, sending the pick-up onto the pavement and into the entrance of a nearby building (view video of collision on the 518 Neigbhorhood Watch Facebook profile).
In an accident in the beginning of March two vehicles were also involved in a collision at this intersection, after one of the motorists ran a red traffic light.
On the pictures: the two vehicles damaged in the accident on Tuesday. One of the injured persons was evacuated from the scene by ambulance.

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