33 hake rights renewed and 84 new rights added

A total of 33 hake rights have been renewed by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Dr Albert Kawana, announced the list on Tuesday. In addition, a further 84 new right hake right holders were also announced.

The following hake rights were renewed: Ompagona Fishing Company (Pty) Ltd; Ozohi Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Hangana Seafood Products (Pty) Ltd; Marco Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Novanam Fishing Industries of Namibia (Pty) Ltd; Omuhuka Hol-dings; Nautilus Fishing Industries (Pty) Ltd; Agatha Bay Fishing
Namibia Fishermen Association; Walvis Bay Small Boat Owners Association; Tunacor Fisheries; Empire Fishing Company (Pty) Ltd; Huab Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Ombaye Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Diaz Fishing Co. (Pty) Ltd; Southern Namibia Hake Fishing Industry (Pty) Ltd; Ehanga Holdings (Pty) Ltd; Oryx Fisheries
Helgoland Fishing Co; Ark Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Overberg Fishing Co; Namboty Group of Companies (Pty) Ltd; Omankete Investments (Pty) Ltd; Atab Fisheries Consortium (Pty) Ltd; Hatutungu Fishing Co. (Pty) Ltd; Cadilu Fishing Company (Pty) Ltd; Mbashe Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Namibia Marine Resources (Pty) Ltd; Omaru Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Morcar Fishing (Pty) Ltd; The Rainbow Fishing Company (Pty) Ltd;
Demersal Fishing and Lalandi Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
Some of the right holders operate from Walvis Bay and others from Lüderitz.

Below is the list of new hake right holders:
/Haihab Fishing (Pty) Ltd; /Khanigobes Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Abagus Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Abuche Investment (Pty) Ltd; Athwart Investment (Pty) Ltd; AEG Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Bethesda Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Betusace Investment (Pty) Ltd; Blue Aqua Ten Investment (Pty) Ltd; Boat & Catrol Fishing Company (Pty) Ltd; Cidalia’s Investment (Pty) Ltd; Dakaza Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Dista Basen Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Emancipate Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Eendume Domomufitu Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Green-door Investment (Pty) Ltd; Greatland Investment (Pty) Ltd; Hallie Investments (Pty) Ltd; Hashem Investments (Pty) Ltd; Hipo Isle Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Kai Dab Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Karibu Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Ketameko Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Khan Seafood Processors (Pty) Ltd; Kilifi Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Kuhuga Holdings (Pty) Ltd; Kuzam Investment (Pty) Ltd; Laridae Investment (Pty) Ltd; Liyenga Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Maritime Enterprises (Pty) Ltd; Mefuta Enterprises (Pty) Ltd; Messrs. Mega Catch Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Namibian Hake Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Nam Hook Holdings (Pty) Ltd; Noble Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Noonga Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Ombara Fishing (Pty) Ltd; One Basket (Pty) Ltd; Ongete Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Oslo Trading (Pty) Ltd; Otjomavare Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Owhiwana Penduka Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Phaline Trading Group (Pty) Ltd; Prime Genesis (Pty) Ltd; Red Sand Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Runone Women Investment (Pty) Ltd; Sancom Investment (Pty) Ltd; Sankara Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Searich Investments (Pty) Ltd; S.S.M.M. Investment (Pty) Ltd; Sulainman Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Swakopmund DRC Women Empowerment Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Tamovi Investment (Pty) Ltd; Trilliant Investments (Pty) Ltd; Trovac Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Tswaragano Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Walvis Bay and Luderitz Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Wavena Fishing and Processing (Pty) Ltd; Women Folk Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Zawe Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Bendito Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Walvis Bay Consoli-dated Cold Store (Pty) Ltd;
Bukalo Fishing Pty Ltd; All Inclusive Fishing Investment Pty Ltd; Orumana Marine Enterprises (Pty) Ltd; Erongo Food Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Maresto Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Tuyende Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Netagea Investment (Pty) Ltd; Ngogima Invest-ments (Pty) Ltd; Hoadadi-Oshetu Enterprises; Taluta Investments cc; Chidino Cha Lunchindo Fishing (Proprietary) Limited; Omuhongo Investment (Pty) Ltd; Horizon New Investments Pty Ltd; Possessions Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Dynamite Fishing Pty Ltd;
Hatani Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Vision 2030 Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd; Ondjongo Fishing and Products Pty Ltd; Namib //Uib Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Mctis Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Karaku Marine (Pty) Ltd; Zam Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Sirovero TRADING (PTY) LTD.

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