35 Years behind bars for child molester

Sharlien Tjambari

Last week Friday, Erongo regional magistrate Geynor Poulton hit Dragan Vujicin (68) with 35-year imprisonment term after she found him guilty earlier this year on four counts of human trafficking and seven charges of rape.

Vujicin was facing charges relating to the alleged abuse of four girls aged between seven and nine years. His arrest followed an incident whereby he allegedly sexually assaulted a minor, while he was alone with several children at his house in Mondesa. He arrived in Namibia in July 2013 and lived in Swakopmund since then.
Vujicin received five-years for each human trafficking charges and 10-years for rape charges respectively, totalling to 90 years but, most of the charges are running concurrently leaving him with 35 years to serve.
By the time his completes his sentence, Vujicin will be 103 years old.

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