39 small contractors identified to construct low cost houses

Sharlien Tjambari

The names of 39 small contractors who would be responsible for the construction of 1 593 low cost houses in Swakopmund has been announced by the Swakopmund municipal council recently at the ordinary monthly council meeting. Each contractor would be constructing 40 houses.

According to the mayor of Swakopmund, Clr Pauline Nashilundo, the plots earmarked for the construction of these houses are credit linked and some linked to social housing construction projects.
The overall number of houses will be divided into 40% credit linker and 60% social grant houses.
It means each contractor will construct 16 credit linked houses and 24 social grant houses.
“The credit linked houses will be limited to a value ranging bet-ween N$200 000 and N$500 000”, explained Nashilundo. For the credit linked houses, applicants will be able to obtain financing from any financial institution.
Nashilundo further explained the construction of the credit linked houses will commence immediately.
Of the 39 contractors a total of 26 have been invited to build the credit link houses and will to receive their letters of commencement from Council now. “These 26 contractors have submitted designs and the remaining 13 are urged to submit their designs in order to speed up their entry into the construction phase.
The building of social grant houses will only commence once the necessary written agreements are in place.
Council did not elaborate on details of the agreement.
Here are the names: Magnetize Investments CC, Bay Engineering & Construction, Alfresco Developers CC, Matutura Investment CC, Ha-dago Investments CC, Guther’s Maintenance, Namibia Property Group (NPG), Haler Investments CC, Kashona Properties CC, PD Bricks & Property, Ongoshi Trading Investment CC , Selkan Enterprise CC, Trencon Pty Ltd, Versatile Trading CC, Oiputa Investment (PTY) Ltd, Yoshi Trading, Pewa Business Solutions CC, JDVK Trading Enterprises CC, Delta Group Holdings, NCO Investments Number Eight (Pty) Ltd, Ehangano Building Construction CC, Life House One Investments (Pty) Ltd, Dalt Investments CC, Kenneth Investment CC, Embamba Investments CC and Dappa Estates. Official representatives of these entities are requested to come and collect the letters of commencement.

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