40 Years Swakop Electrical supplies

In late 1977, Swakop Electrical Supplies was brought to life by then a young group of entrepreneurs born and raised in Swakopmund. The group of Franz Schieri, Karl Heinz Gruettemeyer, Erich Meyer, Shorthy Lohmeier and Paul Pohl agreed around a social table to start with Swakop Electrical Supplies and put Erich Meyer, the youngest of them, into charge for the day to day operations. The spirit of the team ensured that Swakop Electrical Supplies grew from strength to strength becoming the leading electrical component supplier in the region. The following few years have seen the group investing in other ventures and ultimately Swakop Electrical Supplies was sold off into the hands of Peter Dierking who was running Swakop Electrical Supplies until his time to part our world.
Swakop Electrical Supplies is part of Swakopmund’s history just as the jetty and the lighthouse are. Committed to the local community, the contributions made to our town are seen today in the well established infrastructure for electricity distribution.
Late 2017, the owners of Swakop Electrical Supplies, Family Dierking engaged with Siggi Meyer, son of late Erich Meyer, to develop a plan to bring Swakop Electrical Supplies to the next level preparing the business for the future where electrification of Namibia will become one of the leading priorities.
Renewable Energy, electric cars, intelligent homes are all technologies that are shaping the future al-ready. The supplies of electrical tools, goods and equipment is playing a fundamental role to the community, especially with green energy becoming a priority throughout the world to combat pollution and global warming. Namibia’s place in the global responsibility role is substantial as we are boasting with one of the few countries where solar technologies will be able to provide sufficient energy to all the Namibian citizens and may even become an export product which in turn will enhance the quality of all Namibians.
In February 2018, Swakop Electrical Supplies was purchased by Siggi Meyer to start with a transformation process to modernise the client engagement model, service and product offerings and supportive services to business partners such as the electrical contractors. In the initial phase, the first step was to rebrand the corporate image in order to place the business where it belongs, in the middle of the community in which we operate. The new logo depicts a young lively and colourful image, with a pinch of courage to do things differently. All colours used where derived from Namibian symbols to ensure to shout out that Swakop Electrical Supplies belongs to Namibia. Further the logo also embraces local Swakopmund land-marks, tying the presence to the local community together. The unproportioned size of the yellow light or sun, demonstrates the importance Swakop Electrical Supplies places on renewable energy, but also the position in the market it wishes to operate bringing forward the energy to outshine all expectations of the clientele. In the next 24 months, Swakop Electrical Supplies will redesign its operations to become the preferred and leading supplier of electrical innovation on the Namibian Coast. The process has begun by announcing the management team that will service clients at exceptional levels.
Meet the team:
Siggi Meyer – Owner
Norbert Thiel – General Manager
Angelika Pinsenschoum – Operations Manager
Rainer Horsthemke – Large Customer Manager
Justin Jacobs – Contractor Relationship and Support Manager
Toyer Abrahams – Sales Manager
Alfons Tjazuko – Sales and Stores
Mario Goabab – Sales and Stores
Sebastian Kharaseb – Logistics
Josepf Mumbala – Environmental Sustainability
Engela Engelbrecht – Accounts
Ronel Basson – Administration

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