44 year old man hospitalised after beaten with brick and mugged

A 44 year-old Swakopmund resident was brutally assaulted on Sunday evening by a gang near the Cemetery in Mondesa while he was returning home from a night out. Such attacks have become a concern and a regular occurrence.

“I was in bed already when my husband came home at midnight. He was badly wounded and bleeding. He told me he might have had a blackout on the way home, because he left the place where he was a long while ago,” said the wife of the assaulted victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, to namib times. According to her, her husband said he was walking home, when a group of guys wearing masks came from behind, stopped in front of him and hit him with a carry bag one guy was holding. The bag had a brick inside. “He fell, hit his forehead on the ground and blacked out. When he got up, his keys and wallet were gone,” said the wife.
He was admitted to the State Hospital in Swakopmund with serious injuries to his head, neck and left jaw. His eye is swollen and very red as a result of the beating. “He is not doing well and keeps on coughing up blood,” the wife continued. Even though the nature of the injuries is severe, he was released from hospital yesterday. The wife added that they were advised to open a case once the husband has recovered and is out of danger. According to her, assaults like these using bricks in carry bags “goes way back” and once the victim is beaten, they usually black out and are robbed of all their belongings. “Most of the thieves assaulting people in that area are people sitting behind the cemetery smoking and drinking,” she added.
Earlier this week Warrant Officer Iileni Shapumba of Nampol in the Erongo Region said to namib times that the highest amount of cases of assault in the region are registered in Mondesa. “This is very concerning as people carry dangerous weapons at night while under the influence of alcohol,” he said.

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