48 year-old lady dies in freak accident at meat market

A 48 year-old lady was killed during a freak-accident at a well

known meat market in Walvis Bay at about 7:00 on Wednesday morning. The lady was crushed by a boundary wall, which col
lapsed on top of her, while another woman was injured during the incident.

According to deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Nampol regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, the incident occurred early in the morning at Charlies meat market located in 8th Street East in the Industrial Area. The boundary wall apparently collapsed after a white Scania Truck (N 5037 M) was leaving the yard after offloading meat. The driver was identified as Mr Henry J B Swart from Mariental.
“It is alleged when the truck passed the gate the rear part of the trailer knocked/pulled off the gate,” Iikuyu said. This caused the entire boundary wall to collapse, falling on two women. The women were standing in a queue outside the meat market waiting for the meat market to open in order to buy meat for “Kapana”.
The deceased was identified as Ndahambelela Nghipande, a 48 year-old Namibian female. She died at the scene. The second victim, Nangula Ndapewoshali Hambuda, a 39 year-old Namibian female, sustained leg injuries. The injured victim was taken to Walvis Bay State Hospital where she was admitted in a stable condition.
The police is investigating a case of culpable homicide.

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