5-Month old bay needs your help

Sharlien Tjambari

The Deputy Mayor of Swakopmund Maria Elago plays a bigger role in the community by helping those in need. This week she donated some diapers and formula milk to a family that struggles to feed and clothe a five-month old baby.

During an interview with namib times, Elago said the only reason why she approached the paper is because the baby needs more than what she can give and urges anyone who is able to help in any form to approach her.
“A friend of mine who works at the DRC Clinic, Louisa Kativa informed me about this family that struggles because she knows that I have a heart for helping people, so I visited the Shindinge family and have been helping them with formula milk and nappies since my first visit”.
Julia Shindinge, a domestic worker and only bread winner in her house welcomed a new member to her family earlier this year; a hand-some baby boy.
Although she struggles to feed and clothe her grandchildren who are all under 10-years, she took in one more child. Wiseman Pandulo Palyohamba Shindinge was born on 14 April this year; his mother and he were discharged on 17 April from the hospital. That same night tragedy swept their home. The shack in which they lived was flooded resulting in the death of little Wise-man’s mother and sister. Wiseman was rescued by his father from the river-bed and was a lucky survivor.
“After I heard about the tragic incident, I went to Windhoek for the funeral because Pandulo’s father is my brother, the family decided I should take the child because my brother was not capable of raising a baby on his own since he is unemployed.
I didn’t hesitate to say yes, he was such a handsome baby. At that moment I was not thinking about how I would feed this baby”, said Julia Shindinge.
Upon her arrival in Swakopmund, she heard about the Vanessa Day Care non-profit organisation which helps vulnerable children and orphans in Swakopmund.
The owner and founder of the Day Care centre, Louisa Kativa connected her with the Deputy Mayor.
“This is my baby and I don’t plan on giving him away, all I need is some second-hand clothes because Pandulo has grown out of his clothes or any help possible”, said Julia Shindinge who leaves in a small two-bedroom house and has more than seven mouths to feed.
Kativa said her centre helps the community with daily necessities and depends on sponsors.
Anyone who is willing to help the Shindinge family can reach them through Kativa at 0813738872.

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