– In 1990 rooms were built, so that the staff had privacy and warm showers.
– In 2009 the SPCA house was renovated. “Two Klappes” (emergency after-hours kennels, accessible from the outside) were constructed. These valuable kennels are equipped with warm blankets, food and fresh water and provides shelter for stray and often anonymous pet surrenders.
– During 2010 the first dog paddocks or as now referred to doggie yards were created. This was to socialize the dogs in our care and also to allow them playtime during opening hours instead of being kennel bound all the time.
– 2010 3 Quarantine kennels were erected. To date we have 6 quarantine kennels available. All strays are quarantined for health reasons.
– 2011 One year later the second paddock (doggie yard) for the dogs were inaugurated next to the horse-stables.  The Reiterverein has been our very harmonic neighbours over the years.
– In 2011 the greatest indentation took place. The committee of the Tierschutzverein in Swakopmund (SPCA) decided to clamp the cord with the organization in Windhoek and apply for our own welfare registration. All other SPCA’s in Namibia are registered under the roof of their Welfare Number WO6. Our setup in Swakopmund made it possible to become independent. Welcome a new chapter of our Tierschutzverein in Swakopmund, WO438. Under the carefully managed reigns of Dagmar Wacker and Heike Witt, our accounts and bookkeeping section saw the light with 100% visibility and integrity. We’ve never looked back since.
– 2016 We applied to purchase additional piece of land Municipality of Swakopmund to expand our kennels due to the increasing population, hence the increasing number of stray animals. Four years later, 2020 we are hopeful that this process will be finalised; 26 additional kennels are to be added.
– 2018 We built an additional 2 emergency kennels Klappes bringing the total to 4.

The one thing that must never be taken for granted or overlooked is the Swakopmund community who’s consistent support and empathy for our mission has put us in a class of our own. The support and assistance is enormous and enables us to care for our furry friends, providing them with all necessities to give them a dignified, deserved life every animal is entitled to.

The third leg of the well being of our Tierschutzverein is the Swakopmund Municipality. Their responsibility mainly leans towards the stray pets found so often on the streets of Swakopmund. Over the years, we often act on their behalf and we assist each other. For the past 10 years the Director of the Department of Health and Social Services, Clive Lawrence has been supporting us financially, though expenses exceed our annual grant by far, they also provide an animal officer plus two additional persons to assist with field work.  With 10 years as chairperson of our Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (S.P.C.A.), it is with pleasure that I use this opportunity to express my honest gratitude to all the persons and organizations that’s been supporting us generously and altruistically over the past 50 years in our mission to do everything possible to help all stray and homeless pets in our tourist town as well as the Erongo Region.

A very big thanks to Ingrid Gürtel (our manageress) and her staff members for their loyalty and consistent performance in an environment which is not always easy to handle, 7 days a week.
I cannot think of a better or more perfect symbiosis: The community, Ingrid and her team, the committee, our accountant and the municipality!
I honestly hope that, however this country will develop in the future, the above structure will continue to exist and hence the base for carrying on in our efforts to provide our four legged friends as best as possible.
Peter H. Witt

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