500 copies with variety corruption prevention messages to be spread across Erongo

The Erongo Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in co-operation with the Ministry of Education launched a poster competition for secondary school learners in Erongo last year and the winning posters were printed out and handed over to the Ministry of Education on Thursday, 16 February at the Swakopmund Constituency Office in Swakopmund.

The aim of the poster competition was to promote the interest of the youth to contribute to the fight against corruption by creating posters speaking out against corruption. During the hand-over ceremony of the posters to the ministry the Chief Public Education and Corruption Prevention Officer of ACC Mr. Tobias Amoonga said the poster competition was one of ACC’s high point projects in the directorate of public education in Erongo. He applauded the business community and key stakeholders in Erongo who made this project a success. ACC together with AREVA, Erongo Red, Namport, Strauss Group Construction and Waltons printed a total of 500 copies of various posters with corruption prevention messages.
“We would like to make sure that the messages on this posters reach everyone in the region and maybe that way we will prevent corruption” said Amoonga. According to Amoonga the posters will be seen at all 70 schools of the Erongo region and also at the governor’s office, constituency council office, ministry of education offices, and at places which are frequently visited by the youth. Posters will go as far as Windhoek and Angola.
From ten to fifteen schools which participated, learners from Namib High School received all the prizes and Amoonga said the learners from Namib High School had a great art teacher who made sure the learners put more effort in spreading the message of corruption prevention.
The Senior Education Officer in the Erongo region Mrs. Emsie Orus who received the posters on behalf of the Ministry of Education said she is stunned by the talent of Erongo learners “I never thought the learners were capable of doing this, this is exciting” she said. Orus further said she is already thinking of ideas on how to carry out the messages of HIV prevention in the same way as they did with corruption and she advised ACC to involve rural schools next time they have such competitions so that nobody would feel left out.
Amoonga said this poster competition was the first ever competition within ACC and no other ACC office has ever done this project.

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