66-year-old rescued after spending 80 hours in the desert

An elderly lady residing in Mondesa in Swakopmund, who went missing for more than three days in the desert, was saved by mere chance on Friday afternoon. A Swakopmund resident, who went for a run in the desert, found the severely dehydrated, 66-year-old Elisabeth Katamila.

According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, Katamila was reported missing on Tuesday (5 December) at around 9:00 in the morning. “The gate of the yard was left open at the house where she is staying. According to the family it is not the first time the lady walked away from home”, Iikuyu said.
Usually Katamila returns home later on her own, “but this time she didn’t.”
The search for her was ongoing for three days, when she was found by mere coincidence in the desert in the vicinity of Nonidas, Iikuyu explained.
Swakopmund resident Dunja Pritzen was her savior. She took a lengthy run into the desert on a “new route which I usually never run.”
“I found an elderly, severely dehydrated lady in the hot sand. I immediately called help and was assisted by very friendly police officers. They confirmed that this lady was missing for three days already. I am so happy that she will be okay”, Pritzen posted in Facebook on Friday evening.
According to Iikuyu Katamila was found some time on Friday afternoon. She had spent about 80 hours in the desert before being found. A miracle.

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