A.M. Brew Coffee World at Swakopmund

Have you ever wondered where coffee comes from? What it looks like in its raw format just after harvesting?
Visit A.M. Brew Coffee World, a coffee roasting shop located in John Otto Nankudhu Street in the Industrial Area in Swakopmund. You will find the answers there.

The owner of A.M. Brew Coffee World is Stephanie Brayshaw. She and her late husband co-developed a warehouse complex in the new industrial area of Swakopmund in 2015.
She had the idea to grow a home-based coffee roaster in one of the units.
The warehouse complex is known as Tribiano Business Park, situated next to Quiver Tree Investment at 4823 John Otto Nankudhu Street. And it is just there where you will find A.M. Brew Coffee World.
The first batch of coffee was roasted on 24 December last year at the roaster. “I started roasting coffee on samples from the U.K. at home as early as 2017. The idea grew and so did the project. A convection roaster from the United States was the next big step.
“You must understand that trying to sell coffee in an industrial area is a challenge in its own right. We aim to open a retail outlet closer to the central business district of Swakopmund to promote sales. That premises is opposite Hotel Eberwein in the main street” further explained Brayshaw.
She further explained all suppliers are internationally acclaimed.
We want visitors to have a positive experience with coffee at A.M. Brew Coffee World. Visitors must be-come customers and customers clients. Through sample uses each and every person can mix and match his or her own unique coffee brew. A visit to A.M. Brew Coffee World is a must. “Roast on Demand is what we do”.
And then there is the wonderful world of online shopping. www.ambrewcoffee.com is also at your finger tips to have the freshest coffee beans and roasts delivered at your doorstep. Swakopmund and Windhoek residents in particular should not miss this unique opportunity.
Whatever the occasion, whoever the special person – there is a unique coffee blend to celebrate the occasion. It is a matter of you mixing and matching and A.M. Brew Coffee World to bring it into being.

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