A new home for Christmas

Rudi Bowe

A German-based, non-profit, and non-governmental association Pallium – Research and Aid for Social Projects recently handed over a house to Magrietha Salon (Maggie) and her fifteen foster children in the DRC informal settlement, Swakopmund.

Swakopmund resident Johan Kruger, who runs a small aid initiative, and businessman Johan Kotze a tours and transport operator) took the initiative to arrange funding for the project through the German-based association that has been supporting social projects in Namibia since 2004.
The donations for the project were made available to Pallium by the Lange Rode Foundation in Hamburg, Germany.
The new 112m² house constructed from cement fibre sheets with a 28m² living and cooking area, forms the centre of the new house, sur-rounded by 5 bedrooms that are 16m² each. There are two small rooms with showers and three beds per room. An additional room for Maggie was constructed for N$147 000 and for N$55 000, interior furnishings and household goods could be purchased.
Maggie said that this came to a complete surprise to her and her children and they are extremely happy to have their own brand-new home.
“In addition to my own children I also care for foster children I have taken in. Street children and other vulnerable children can always count on getting a warm meal at Maggie’s soup kitchen. Donations to the soup kitchen comes from local businessman, Wilko Aschenborn form Buddy Industries”, Maggie added.
The new house also provides space for this important initiative.
This all started when a community worker, Herman Uirab, brought Johan Kruger and Johan Kotze to Maggie, who until then have been living with the children in a small hut made of tin and scrap metal. The hut contained no furniture and had a leaky roof made of plastic sheets. Cardboard boxes and tattered mattresses served as sleeping places.
Newly elected chairperson of the Erongo Regional Council, Ciske Smith-Howard attended the handover and was very impressed by the solid house, which was built in December in only 10 days by local contractor Gideon Grobler.
Other social projects in the DRC are planned and will be realised in close cooperation with Smith-Howard.
In October 2020 Pallium donated a similar but smaller house for a homeless family in the DRC informal settlement in Swakopmund.
Pallium also supports Johan Kruger’s Project Restoring Dignity and Christian Integrity, that distributes food vouchers to people who other-wise feed themselves from garbage bins (and also to other vulnerable people) in Swakopmund
Anyone that would like to support the projects can contact Pallium (info@pallium-ev.com)

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