A Proud Day for School of Dance & Fitness

ZIN Anna Jorge & ZIN Daniel Acosta proudly achieved one of their dreams and goals in the history of zumba in Namibia. For 4 years they have been teaching classes in two towns teaching approximately 200 students in and out daily in various time slots at both studios, teaching up to 28 hours a week to bring this Upbeat Fitness program known as ZUMBA Fitness to where it is now, this is one of the most popular and most attended classes in Namibia, with their studios based at the coast Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. They have through the years groomed, motivated and prepared 14 Zumba enthusiasts who now became certified Zumba Instructors (ZIN).
Zumbanamibia has grown, not only by size, but knowledge, friendship, loyalty & true passion.
Not only did our family grow stronger but with values & ethics in place with the understanding of the power to “Move Together As One”.
For the right purpose, with the right open heart & sharing in kindness for others. Certification done by
Zes Mansoor Galant all the way from Cape Town SA & most of all thank you to Andrea Brand from Coastal Fit Club for enabling, making it easier & affordable for all our new ZINS to have access to this mandatory training right here in Namibia. Showing the true Zumba spirit, by helping us get stronger & bigger, without this it would not have been possible.
Let’s congratulate and welcome these 14 fantastic, strong, dedicated, fearless inspiring ladies with amazing hearts ready to share the Zumba Love.
Well done and welcome new ZINS: AlMari Van der Berg, Stefanie Swiegers, Violeta Veloso, Desiree Thomas, Elizabeth Pao Alvo, Sonia Martins, Marcia Giselle Gomes, Sonia van der Merwe, Melissa Sirakis, Jeanne Sanderson, Leeanne Salpeter, Thandi Gaoses, Esperaça Teixeira, Valentiina Angermund.
Fellow ZINS of School of Dance & Fitness representing Zumba In Namibia.
This is just the first step, with our ongoing & continuous training, to uphold the ZUMBA name, the quality & popularity of our classes & students, soon you will all be doing what you worked so hard for up to now. Congratulations and welcome to the ZINLIFE.

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