A street fight breaks out in Swakopmund

A video circulated on social media of two young men embroiled in a street fight in Swakopmund’s central business district, witnessed by shocked residents and tourists. The incident occurred around lunch time and leads to renewed concerns over the youth of the coastal towns walking around armed with knives and other potentially harmful weapons.
In the video which was circulated on social media, the young men first insulted each other and one threatened to stab the other with an object which cannot be identified from screen grabs (above) from the video. The incident was a stone’s throw from a toy store frequented by children as well as a medical practice visited by the elderly.
One of the person’s involved in the fight made mention that “he knew who the other one was and that he would find him”.
The other man provoked the other, challenging him to make good of his threats and stab him.
Pictured above: a stash of pocket knives, one of more than one thousand individual potentially dangerous weapons the Namibian Police confiscated from people in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund in recent weeks during operations to take dangerous weapons off our streets. In very alarming statistics the Police said in most cases the knives, axes, screw drivers, pistols and even toy guns were confiscated from persons under the age of 18. In many instances fights break out as a result of alcohol and drug abuse.

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