A sun has set At De Duine

Rudi Bowe

The community in and around Walvis Bay are saddened by the passing of Ms Yolande Freygang Koning (50) who passed away on the morning of 8 August 2021 in Walvis Bay’s Welwitschia Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Koning was a passionate teacher at De Duine Secondary School in Narravile.

Ms Koning lived for her school community and was a light bearer that lit and brightened the paths of not only learners, but also colleagues during her teaching years at De Duine. The flame of her candle is no more, but her light will forever burn in the hearts of those whom she touched with her gentleness and kindness. The memory of her will forever live on.

Ms Koning started her teaching career in Lüderitz at the Nautilus Senior Secondary School.  Here she taught from 1993 – 1995. She started her career at De Duine Secondary School in 1996 where she worked until the end. She was like both a sister and mother to her colleagues and learners. She put her whole heart and soul into De Duine Secondary School.

The principal of De Duine Secondary School, Anton van Wyk said a dark cloud is hanging over the school. “We are engulfed by sorrow because we have lost our beloved family member, friend, colleague and teacher”, said van Wyk and continued with saying, “The good image of De Duine was very important to her and she made sure the sun never set at De Duine with her immense contributions of excellence in academics, sports and culture for more than 25 years.  We are filled full of deep grief and loss as death has robbed us of a very unique and rare soul that gave her all to support the dreams and aspirations of every De Duine product she crossed paths with”,  Van Wyk said.

Van Wyk added, “I’ll never forget how she convinced me to take up keyboard and word processing as a subject to mould me at a time when other teachers and community members gave up on me because they were fully convinced that I will end up as a useless school dropout. Words can’t describe how passionate Ms Koning was to anything about De Duine, whether it was academic, social or sports related, she was always on the forefront leading the pack as our biggest cheerleader”.

The Principal hopes that in remembrance of Ms. Koning, honour can be given to her by renaming the school hall or the netball court after her so her legacy lives on. “De Duine Secondary School will never be the same” Van Wyk concluded.

Ms. Yolande Koning is survived by her husband, Godfrey Koning, twin sons, Jarren and Jarreth Koning, their partners, Amoritha Eksteen and Kellane de Klerk, her granddaughter Alaia Carike Koning, her mother and father, Elizabeth and Alfons Freygang, her stisters, brothers, family and friends.

A Memorial Services will be held on Tuesday, 17 August 2021 at the St. Peter Catholic Church in Narraville and on Friday, 20 August 2021 from 08:00 (8 am) at De Duine Secondary School. A Drive by will be on Friday, 20 August 2021 from 16.00 at the Koning’s Residence10 Neptune Street, Narraville.

Ms. Koning will be laid to rest on Saturday, 21 August 2021 at 09:00 from the Stella Maris Catholic Church in Walvis Bay.

May the Soul of our Guardian Angel and Hero rest in eternal peace.



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