A truly Namibian Collection

Isaac Chikosi

The Made in Namibia Collection shop opened its doors to the public early this year and since then has attracted many clients and patrons. Offering a unique range of products produced locally, this venture is truly Namibian.

It is situated in Swakopmund central business district (CBD) and this retail shop boasts a myriad of decorative and aesthe-tically appealing items. According to Raymond Spall, the shop’s focus is on Namibian products.
Spall is keen on developing burgeoning entrepreneurs as well within his industry. Many of the products sold in the Made in Namibia Collection shop are procured from various talented artisans or crafters who produce quality products locally. Many self-employed craftsmen opt to work with Raymond Spall and his wife Marilyn and the shop as the collection creates a platform for them to market and sell their products.
Roelien Joeste is one such talented crafter who shared her life journey since meeting Spall. “I am very grateful to have met him (Spall). He saw my work and liked it. Now he gives us orders and my business is growing. I teach my friends in my com-munity as well how to sew and make different things”, said Joeste.
Working with the Spalls has evidently been life changing for her as is the case with Alexia /Naris who is a dressmaker and speaks of her growing enterprise as well. This is Spall’s vision. “With so many talented Namibians producing amazing products, I don’t see why I cannot reach out to them and put their products on the market”.
It is this very concept that makes The Made in Namibia Collection shop stand out. Although the shop attracts many talented local craftsmen, Spall hopes to attract more Namibian buyers as well. With a 10% cash discount offered to Namibians as well as other SADC coun-try members, more can confidently visit the shop for their Christmas shopping for people at home or abroad.

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