A well-armed nation

Floris Steenkamp

Several hundred pocket knives, traditional weapons and housebreaking implements were confiscated from members of the public during stop and search operations in towns and settlements across Erongo over the festive period.
The stop and searches were part of the nationwide anti-crime project, Ope-ration Hornkranz, which the Namibian Police carry out in cooperation with members of the Namibia Defence Force.
Operation Horn-kranz is due to continue until 15 January. A clear warning was issued over the weekend by the Regional Commander of the Namibian Police in Erongo, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu, that any kind of dangerous object will be confiscated if found on a person and could also lead to criminal prosecution.
“This is how armed our nation is”, Com-missioner Nelumbu remarked when some of the confiscated weapons were showcased to the media at police headquarters in Walvis Bay on Friday. Adding clearly most of these items found on people were clearly there to cause harm.
The police and soldiers are also unconvinced if you explain self-defence as the reason for carrying a knife or any other sharp object.
These weapons we confiscated definitely helped to reduce the crime rate in Erongo over the festive period. We also prevented criminal activities like burglaries by confiscating items like bolt cutters, screw drivers and even leveraging tools which can be used to force open doors and windows, it was further explained.
The items showcased to the media were only those confiscated in the Walvis Bay crime prevention cluster which includes the town it-self, Narraville, Kuisebmond and Dolphin Bay area and Langstrand. According to Commissioner Nelumbu, should all the confiscated weapons eventually be arriving from police stations across Erongo it could amount to thousands.
Operation Hornkranz will continue to target areas around drinking places, streets and other areas identified as crime hotspots. Be warned, it was explain-ed, stop and searches by members of the police and army will be carried out without warning and zero tolerance will be exercised for any form of dangerous object persons carry around. Equally should you be unable to produce a liquor license or explain the origin of alcohol stored at drinking places, it will be confiscated and destroyed. Over the past festive season several drinking places were targeted and alcohol confiscated.

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