ACC arrests Chinese national in Walvis Bay for bribery

A 32-year old Chinese national who works as a site agent for Jiangsu Zhengtai Construction, the company constructing the Dunes Mall at Walvis Bay, was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia (ACC) on Wednesday for accepting a bribe.

The man, Allen Yue, approached the owners of Security Supplies Services and demanded a cash sum from them, failing of which he would not process their invoice for security services render for March 2017. He further threatened to have their contract with Jiangsu Zhengtai Construction ended.
The owners of the security company approached the ACC and last Wednesday a sting operation was carried out. At a location near the Walvis Bay lagoon one of the owners of the security company handed over an envelope containing cash to Yue. As he accepted the money, members of the ACC assisted by the Namibian Police apprehended him.
Yue was charged under the Anti-Corruption Act and made a first appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court on Thursday. He was denied bail and the case returns to court on 31 May.

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