ACC nabs Walvis Bay taxi driver in bribery sting operation

A taxi driver of Walvis Bay has been arrested by the Anti-Corruption of Namibia during a sting operation recently, after he paid a bribe to a traffic officer to return his taxi’s license disc.

A suspension notice was issued, because the taxi was not roadworthy. The taxi driver, identified as Johannes Johannes, paid the traffic officer a bribe of N$1500 to return the license disc, but what he did no reckon with was this traffic officer is not corrupt and reported the matter to the ACC. A sting operation was set up. Johannes paid the “bribe” o N$1500 via cell phone whereafter he was arrested as he was approaching the traffic officer to get his license disc of his vehicle back.
“Mr Johannes Johannes was arrested and charged on the same day for contravening section 34 (a) of the Anti-Corruption Act, 2003 (Act no.8 of 2003) corruptly giving a gratification “a person commits an offence who, directly, corruptly offers, gives or agrees to give to any person, whether for the benefit of that person or any other person, any gratification as- an inducement to do or omit doing anything”, the ACC confirmed in a statement.

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