ACC zooms in on Walvis Bay Municipality – Senior official/s also under investigation…

date NT 20-03-15


Marshallino Beukes

An Anti-Corruption investigation, regarding the lease of Farm 38 by the Walvis Bay Municipality to Erongo Quarry & Civil Works is ongoing, after alleged irregularities surfaced.

The lease contract for the 300 hectares of land was signed during September 2012 for approximately N$66 000 plus N$9 900 (VAT) per month. Information indicates that Erongo Quarry sub-leased half of this land (150ha) to a Chinese company, Best Cheer Investments Namibia cc, only a month later. The 150 hectares were allegedly leased to the Chinese company for the amount payable for the whole 300 hectares. After the Chinese became suspicious regarding the huge amount of money they had to pay monthly, they reported it to the Walvis Bay Municipality and the Anti-Corruption Commission was informed. According to the lease agreement between the Municipality and Erongo Quarry, the 300 hectares were under no circumstances supposed to be sub-leased to a third party, and this will be the centre of the investigation. It is alleged that high-placed officials in the Walvis Bay Municipality must have been involved, as many procedures were sidestepped. Furthermore it was specified that the company leasing the land, should have paid its first instalment after signing the lease agreement, but it seems this condition was not met. The namib times learned this week from a trustworthy source that the ACC investigation has reached an advanced stage and after all relevant documents and evidence have been collected, the matter will be forwarded to the Prosecutor General.

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