Activist lays charge at ICC to return monument to Germany

The Back to Germany Activists Movement has laid a case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) to have the German Kaiserlich Marine Soldiers Denkmal (Monument), located in Swakopmund, returned to Germany.

The office of the Prosecutor of the ICC, Mark P Dillion, the Head of Information and Evidence Unit confirmed that indeed a case number for this action exists (OTP-CR-352/16).
According to Mr. Laid law Peringanda the Head of the Activists Movement, Dillion confirmed this to him and said the case was registered in the International Criminal Court Communication Register, in accodance with the Rome Statute.
The Back to Germany Activists movement wants the Kaiserlich Marine Soldiers Denkmal to be removed and send back to Germany because they believe that is where it belongs. The fight against the removal of the Denkmal started in 2015 when over 200 activists in Swakopmund signed a petition for the memorial monument to be removed from public view and be shipped back to Germany. The monument was also vandalised.
The activists, who are mostly from the Ovaherero community, believe the marine Denkmal monument does not belong in Namibia because back in the 1904/1905 war between Germany and the Herero, the German marine soldiers massacred the Ovaherero community at Otjimbingwe, a village south of Karibib.
Back to Germany Activists Movement led by Mr. Laidlaw Peringanda went as far as writing letters to the office of the Ombudsman, the magistrate office in Swakopmund and the Ambassador of Germany in Namibia just to have their concerns heard. A case was laid. The question is now: could this possibly lead to the Kaiserlich Marine Soldiers Denkmal removed for good? The case is also interesting given the current considerations by many African nations, including Namibia, to end their membership of the ICC.

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