African diplomatic leaders converge on Erongo – impressed with economy

The African Heads of Mission in Namibia on Friday concluded a two days courtesy visit to the Erongo Region, hosted by the Governor of Erongo Clr Cleopas Mutavikua.

Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Libya, Congo Brazzaville,  Angola and Nigeria took part in this fact finding visit to acquaint themselves with development and economic activities in the Region. At the feedback session the guests were not only left highly impressed with the various economic drivers of the Region like the port of Walvis Bay, the various mines, the fishing industry and the desalination plant, but they also hailed the innovation and hard work that makes these opportunities possible in a harsh an arid desert environment. This was revealed by Mr Anastas Kaboba, the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of  Congo and also the Head of the African Heads of Mission in Namibia. “It is better for us Africans to get to know one another better; to see what resources we have; what the geography of our countries are and how we can explain to others what Africa has to offer”, said Kaboba. Namibia’s neighbouring countries have access to international markets through the port of Walvis Bay and according to Kaboba it is important for countries in Southern Africa to understand how trade flows can be facilitated through the port of Walvis Bay and its various trade corridor. This can link African economies with global markets. “This is important to know. From here we can  make connections with Central, Eastern and Western Africa. Our visit is for a good reason: to get to know Erongo and for the leadership to exchange ideas”, he said. The Governor Clr Mutjavikua said during the visit that the decolonisation of Africa is nearing its end, and citizens of the continent are looking for a meaningful change to their lives. It is therefore very necessary for Africans to work hard to manufacture and provide the goods we need locally and in doing so transform our economies to be less dependent on imports, but at the same time offer manufactured goods for exports.

“We have to move away from business as usual and even go to the extent of adopting a guerrilla entrepreneurial mind-set, where we as Africans embark upon missions, making sure that we take the best in the world and implement the best in our respective economies. We must ensure that we target specific areas of development through corridors and ensure that our people are benefiting from our natural resources that are in abundance and are being exploited for the benefit of others”, said Clr Mutjavikua. The Governor added that Africa has been blessed with abundant natural resources and that it is the responsibility of Africans to ensure that these God-given natural resources are turned into prosperity for the continent.

As an example, Clr Mutjavikua explained: “we have all the resources to ensure that electricity in Africa remains  cheap, but our electricity tariffs remain high – even though God gave us the necessary resources to ensure cheap electricity to each and every African household.” The High Commissioner of South Africa, Mrs Myakayaka Manzini, said Africans share a lot with Namibians and vice versa. “The Erongo Region plays a very important  role in terms of regional integration. We are also here to view the Husab Mine, one of the largest in the world. It will be very good to take this message to our country to promote economic development as one of our task is economic diplomacy and also cultural diplomacy”, she said. Ms Rofina Chikava, the Ambassador of Zimbabwe, said Zimbabwe is one of the African countries that has “a home in Erongo” by means of the dry-port in Walvis Bay. “Zimbabwe takes the dryport seriously. We feel that the dry-port in this region will increase the benefits or both countries by creating employment and we are going to look at what products are going to be shipped through the dry-port”, she said. Botswana also owns and operates a dry port in the port of Walvis Bay. The  delegation also visited the port of Walvis Bay and Cape Cross and paid visits to the Husab Mine and Arandis Town Council.

Pictures herewith: Mr Anastas Kaboba, the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo and also the  Head of the African Heads of Mission during the courtesy visit to the Governor’s office. The Governor’s office was packed to capacity with guests.

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