African Vocals donate over N$30 000 to charity organisations

The African Vocals, acappella group, donated a total of N$33 500 to two charity organisations in Swakopmund recently. The handover of the cheques took place at Mondesa Youth Opportunities.
The group hosted concerts during a country tours in Germany and spent 30 days doing what they love: singing.
African Vocals donated a total of N$20 000 to Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO) and N$13 500 towards Tangeni Shilongo Trust. Joel Nambuli, the leader of African Vocals, said he believes in the work that MYO does and that is the reason why the acappella group thought so much of MYO while in Germany and prepared this gift for MYO.
Nambuli also said they thought of other organisations such as Tangeni Shilongo Trust, a trust which is the main and only sponsor of the DRC Project School in Swakopmund. Anna Laage, a volunteer teacher from Germany, who teaches at the DRC Project School said the school is busy with establishing a library and the money donated to them will be used for the library.
African Vocals will have their next tour in 2018 and Nambuli said they wish to continue sponsoring charity organisations in any way they can. During the handover ceremony, the learners of MYO also had a talent show.

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