Alleged drug dealer arrested

namib times 21-07-15

The Swakopmund Neighbourhood Watch, in collaboration with the First Response Reaction Unit and the Special Reserve Force, managed to sucessfully bring down an alleged drug dealer on Saturday

night in Swakopmund  after noticing a suspicious-looking vehicle that ultimately ended in a car chase and an arrest.

According to a member of the Swakopmund Neighbourhood watch, they were about to search the car when it suddenly drove away.

“We were on patrol, looking for another suspect, when we saw a suspicious-looking car.

We walked around the car and at that stage, the driver of the car sped off resulting in a car chase.

We managed to catch the suspects and found a backpack full of dagga.

The suspects have been arrested,” he said.

Another member from the First Response Unit said, while being on patrol chasing suspects involved in an incident of theft at Rossmund, another member noticed a suspicious-looking vehicle.

We told him to keep an eye on the vehicle. The vehicle drove away without switching its headlights on.

We approached the car and when the driver saw that we were approaching, he sped off. We chased after the car and we managed to get the driver to pull over.

We brought Nampol onto the scene to search the vehicle.

The driver and his girlfriend were arrested. The car was taken to Mondesa police station  where it was thoroughly searched.

Eight packages of dagga were found. The driver denied that it was his drugs, but after we said we knew where he lived, he admitted that it was his drugs,” he said.

Nampol Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kas-

huupulwa said she was aware of the incident and according to her she is very proud of the team who managed to apprehend the suspects.

“One man was arrested and is still in custody. He will apprear in court (on Thursday or Friday).”

She confirmed that eight parcels of dagga were found in his possession.

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