Amazing, brilliant, fantastic: African Vocals return from second Germany tour

The African Vocal in Swakopmund started out as a group of friends singing for fun. Now they have received international fame having recently returned from their second tour in Germany. The a cappella group spent a month in Europe – and are already planning their next trip.
Amazing. Brilliant. Fantastic. These are just some of the words the band members used when they were asked to describe their experiences during the recent tour. “I really enjoyed Germany. There are so many similarities between Germany and Swakopmund. I took it like a second home,” said one band member smiling.
What is more amazing: A part of the proceeds the group generated during their tour, be it ticket or CD sales, they will soon donate to two charities in Swakopmund. “We want to give back to the community”, explained Joel Nambuli, the group’s leader. The two organizations they chose to benefit are Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO) and the Tangeni Shilongo Trust.
The tour started on 1 May. Eight members of the group travelled to Germany. The trip ended exactly one months later – after having performed at 21 shows across Germany. “It was a lifetime experience. The cultural exchange was amazing,” Nambuli continues. “We travelled to Germany to bring a message from Namibia. We are proud to play Namibian music and enjoy it.”
The highlight of the trip? A performance at the Musiknacht in the town Kirchheim unter Teck. A total of 47 bands performed and the African Vocals were the only band from Africa. “It was an indescribable feeling as more than 400 people were looking at us performing. It felt like we were the new Michael Jackson”, explained Nambuli.
While talking about their experiences all band members agreed: They will conduct their next Germany tour in 2019 – they have already begun planning the trip. They wish to express their gratitude to all the sponsors, mentors and helpers, who have made the last tour possible. “When we started we never thought to get this far. It is an amazing journey, looking back,” Nambuli continues.
The African Vocals, consisting of a dozen performers, started singing in 2012 after sharing a unique love and passion for music and creativity. As they got more and more recognition for their work, they went semi-pro and performed for tourists at various venues in Swakopmund.
They had no group uniform and no instruments to their name and that inspired them even more to
go out and approach the business community for sponsorship. They had little success. They performed for free or for food, but have since built up quite a name – they regularly perform at various social events. They continue to promote African culture and Namibian traditions through music.
∙The Group’s first tour to Germany was in 2014.

A highlight of the recent Germany tour of the African Vocals from Swakopmund. Performing at the Musiknacht in the town Kirchheim unter Teck. 47 bands performed at this event and the African Vocals were the only band from Africa.

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