Ambulances for Swakop municipality

Rudi Bowe 

The Rotary Club of Swakopmund, in partnership with three cities in Japan, donated two second hand ambulances to the Swakopmund municipality.

Thanks to this initiative these two ambulances’ useful lifespan has been extended and these vehicles will safe lives.
Both vehicles are in an excellent condition. The one ambulance was donated by the people of the city of Kawasaki in Japan. The second ambulance was donated by the people of the cities of Daito and Shijonawate.
The process of donating the vehicles was facilitated by the Society for Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy. The vehicles will take approximately five months to be delivered in Namibia. The non-profitable foundation Human Security Projects will facilitate the refurbishment of the vehicles at a further cost of N$250 000.
The Ambassador of Japan to Namibia, Harada Hideaki, conducted a ceremonial handing over the ambulances’ keys to the Swakopmund municipality recently.
At the handing over ceremony Ambassador Hideaki said this is the first project of its kind between Japan and Namibia.
The Mayor of Swakopmund, Cllr. Louisa Kativa on behalf of Council expressed appreciation for the donation and for the generosity of the people of Japan.
“In five months’ time when the two reconditioned ambulances reach Namibia, Swakopmund will be the second Municipality after Windhoek to have its own ambulance service. This will increase the capacity to respond to medical emergencies”, the mayor explained.
Recruitment of personnel to operate the ambulance service commences soon.
Adding there are also plans to establish a 24-hour Emergency & Disaster Control Centre at the Phillipus Namalemo Fire Brigade in Swakopmund, Cllr. Kativa further revealed.

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