Amended Covid-19 rules now in effect

Residents in the Erongo Region are cautioned that the revised Covid-19 rules will be strictly enforced.

The Namibian Police yesterday urged people to continue to comply with Covid safety rules which include wearing a face mask in public places, and in doing so wear masks correctly by covering both the nose and mouth. Many people are observed only covering their mouths with the mask, and this practise should be discouraged.
Other interventions include washing of hands, maintaining social distancing and avoid crowded places.

The Covid-19 Regulations were also amended and came into force at one minute past midnight on Thursday (17 June 2021). The revised rules are:
*Gatherings are restricted to ten people only, and may not go beyond two hours.
*Public transport operators may only carry half the passenger capacity.
*Liquor shops may only trade until 18:00 during weekdays and 13:00 on a Saturday.
*Restaurants and accommodation establishments may sell liquor, but only till 22:00.
*Casino’s, gambling houses, betting houses and nightclubs may not operate.
*Contact sports remain prohibited and other sport events may continue, albeit without spectators.

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