America explores investment opportunities in Erongo

Rudi Bowe

The Mayor of the City of Atlanta in the USA and the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young accompanied a group of business entrepreneurs to Namibia to explore investment opportunities.

The delegation payed a courtesy visit to the office of the Governor of the Erongo Region and is keen on exploring investment opportunities in the Erongo Region. They would like to explore the mining sector, import and export, the tourism sector and developments in and around the airport and harbour.
The delegation had a business engagement with the Chief Executive Officer of Namport Bisey /Uirab who said that Namport visited the East Coast Port of New Jersey in America and have seen the possibilities that it offers.
/Uirab said at the business engagement that trading along the East Coast Port of New Jersey in America through the ports of Walvis Bay will increase trade volumes between Africa and America it is closer to Africa.
The Governor of the Erongo Region Cleophas Mutjavikua said that Namibia especially the Erongo Region is gifted with raw materials that are currently shipped out of the country in its raw form and that the exportation of the raw materials deprives Namibia of many opportunities.
The Governor used granite and marble as an example, as it is extracted in Namibia but are shipped out to be processed in China, Italy and South Africa and finds their way back to Namibia at an expensive price.
Mutjavikua said “We are focusing on manufacturing to turn our economy around and that Namibia is keen to capitalise on Atlanta as the city has the best located airport that links Africa via Kenya and that the route can bring more tourism opportunities to Namibia as we are regarded as one of the best tourism countries in the world”.
The Governor added that all business thoughts can only materialise if foreign direct investment opportunities are part of development discussions.
The delegation also visited the Salt-pans and various fishing factories in Walvis Bay.

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