Ammonium Nitrate will not be handled negligently

Floris Steenkamp

Crossroads Distribution gives assurance it has several contingency plans in place

Crossroads Distribution, the logistics service provider responsible for the import of 4 000 tons of high density ammonium nitrate through the port of Walvis Bay refuted allegations yesterday it does not have adequate storage space for the product prior to export to Zambia.

Allegations were made that the company only has warehouse storage space available to the tune of 1 520 tons, and that the rest of the product would have to be stored in the open, covered by plastic.
“We placed a lot of planning into this project and I can assure the Walvis Bay public that no ammonium nitrate would be stored in the open”, the business development manager of Crossroads Distribution, Ockert Maritz said yesterday. Maritz explained as the product is discharged in the port of Walvis Bay it is hauled to the storage area of Native Storage near the Walvis Bay Airport. Trucks destined for Zambia would be loading the ammonium nitrate as it comes in from port and therefore an adequate flow would be achieved that would prevent the company from running out of warehouse storage capacity.

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