An opportunity to become an entrepreneur

Rudi Bowe

Swakopmund needs a paradigm shift from job seeking to creating jobs instead. That was the opinion of the municipality of Swakopmund’s CEO, Mr. Alfeus Benjamin, at the recent launch of the “Be Your Own Boss” Competition.

The Competition aims to select ten people to undergo a one-year training program at the Entrepreneurs Factory that was created for this purpose by The Dome Swakopmund.
The Dome Swakopmund and the municipality of Swakopmund joined forces to host this competition. The municipality also pledged N$530 000 for this purpose, under the auspices of the local authority’ Youth Entrepreneur Empowerment Program.
People who are eighteen years and older, are residents of Swakopmund, proficient in English, basic computer lite-racy and have permanent access to a smart phone are encouraged to enter the competition as hopefuls to be selected among the ten to undergo the entrepreneurs training.
To enter the competition, you need to download the Buddy app on your cell phone. Entries op on 28 May and closes on 4 June. The ten winners will be announced on 18 June. On 1 June the training program kicks off.
The Swakopmund Municipality support of the Be Your Own Boss Competition is testimonial of the local authority’s commitment and dedication to improve the livelihoods of young adults of Swakopmund. That is also our small part in the bigger fight for the economic emancipation of Namibia through business development”, Cllr Kativa said at the launch.

Adding the time is now for the private sector to take the lead, diversify, innovate and develop an economy which is less dependent on Government spending”.
The mayor further explained business development will recreate current supply chains to empower Namibians to produce what they consume.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Swakopmund Municipality Mr. Alfeus Benjamin said training of entrepreneurs is no new concept. Introducing a real-life program in the form of an Entrepreneurs Factory provides tools to create new businesses for Swakopmund. New businesses create new jobs, and creates spending power for the local economy to thrive.
The Chief Executive Officer of The Dome Swakopmund, Mr Fanus Engelbrecht says the program will create “ready to do business entrepreneurs” from this group of ten to be selected. Not only mental and emotional readiness but hands on training in supply chain management and business management.
Adding the program is based on a coaching/ mentoring approach and will the participants to think outside the box and create value in both their personal- and business lives.
The mentor at Entrepreneurs Factory, Mr Ettienne Raymond, believes this project will become the blueprint to expand the concept countrywide.
If the community can test itself as entrepreneurs and distributors countryside, it would lead to an economic- and social reinvention of the nation within five years, according to Raymond.

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