…and Swakopmund jolted by blast

A huge explosion near Swakopmund on Friday has residents angry and confused.

Some say they never received any notice that blasting would take place that day whilst some said these powerful explosions from time to time explain cracks forming on the walls of some homes. There are also those who believe a pipe rupture on the Omdel water line was as a result of this blast on Friday.
Blasting operations are occurring from time to time in the Swakopmund area. There is road construction projects ongoing as well as at least one quarry operation.
After some investigations, it was confirmed that the pipeline rupture was not caused by the blast, but was in fact caused by a sub-contractor of NamWater.
A source at NamWater also confirmed there was no blasting on any of the NamWater projects, as due notice would have been given publicly beforehand. The standard notification is by way of an advertisement in any local newspaper.
Similarly, blasting was conducted more than four weeks ago on the MR44 (road behind the dunes) road construction project. The road builder notifies the public on huge information boards as to the date and exact times of any blasting operations.

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