Anglers, businesses and sport code clean up fish-mess

Anglers left the fish cleaning facility at the Walvis Bay lagoon in such a mess in recent weeks, residents of the lagoon suburb, a local business and the Rock & Surf Angling Association decided to intervene to clean the area.”

“Visitors frequent the lagoon walkway daily. I am ashamed over this dirty facility, not to talk about the smell”, said Danie du Toit recently whom together with an employee of him, Mr John Kauta (above right), went to clean the facility. Western Industrial Supplies, owned by businessman Jaco Jankowitz and the Rock and Surf Angling Association joined hands. Brooms and rakes to  clean the area as well as new water pipes to the taps were provided.
Du Toit, John Kauta went to do the cleaning work.
Du Toit reports he and Kauta returned twice already to clean the facility again, as anglers continue to litter and don’t clean the area after use.

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