Another case of alleged police brutality – Erongo Regional Commander responds –

Namib Times 12 June 2015

A Swakopmund resident, Mr Petrus Ernst Doeseb (29) alleges that two police officers stationed at the Mondesa police station, assaulted him without reason on Monday and claims that the Swakopmund police department re-

fused him to lay a charge against the two officers.

According to Mr Doeseb he was also arrested without reason. “My girlfriend moved out. When she wanted to collect her belongings at my house, I was at work. She asked the police to assist her, as she was apparently afraid I would assault her.

The police contacted me to inform me that she wanted to collect her belongings. I explained I was at work and would have called them when I got home, so she could collect it. However, the police came to my work and arrested me,” he said.

“They accused me of hiding from them the night before, but I was unaware that they were at my house. At the charge office they ordered me to wait at the back. It was cold that morning, thus I put my hands in my pockets.

One officer ordered me to take my hands out of my pockets and I said I was not doing anything wrong and that it is very cold. After he locked me inside the holding cells, he told me to stop leaning against the wall. I asked the officer what problem he had with me.

It was then that he slapped me. Another officer said ‘what will you do to us’ and shoved me.  I fell and they kicked me in my ribcage, they beat me and even tried to kick me on my genitals, but I managed to keep my legs closed. Afterwards, they said I must be released to go collect my girlfriend’s belongings,” Mr Doeseb said.

According to him, he asked the officers to first see the Station Commander, to lay an assault charge against the officers. “The officers referred me to the department where I could lay a charge, however that department said they could not help me. I thus went to the police station in town. The officers there simply told me that this matter is for the Mondesa police station and did not help me. What am I supposed to do? This is why I came to the media.

These two officers arrested and assaulted me for no reason. No charges were laid against me. Why was I arrested and assaulted?” he fumed.

In a previous article (last week), the namib times reported on a similar incident involving Mr Andy Goliath, who was also allegedly assaulted. He had visible injuries of assault. Mr Goliath managed to lay a charge and the court case is scheduled for 24 June. The newspaper asked Deputy Commissioner Kashuupulwa if Nampol was aware of the allegations (of Mr Goliath) and whether the matter will be investigated, however there was no response. After the second incident (of Mr Doeseb), the newspaper spoke to the Erongo Regional Commander, Com-

missioner Samuel //Hoebeb, who stated that, “Any member of the public has the constitutional right to lay a charge, whether it is against a member of the public or against the police.

If the complainant was refused to lay a charge, he can speak to the Station Commander.

If the Station Commander cannot help him, it must be reported to the Regional Commander. An internal investigation will thus be instigated. If the complainant/complainants can give us all the particulars, we have a unit that will investigate the matter to verify whether these allegations are true.

I will direct the Mondesa Station Commander to give this complainant the full attention he requires,” he concluded.

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