Another Councillor arrested for dealing in suspected stolen stock

The police in the Erongo region has arrested another municipal Councillor for allegedly dealing in suspected stolen stock. The arrest of Usakos town councilor, Tuhafeni Haufiku, follows only days after Henties Bay mayor, Herman Honeb, was arrested and charged for receiving and selling a suspected stolen cattle carcass.
According to deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, it is alleged that on Sunday (11 June) between 19:30 and 22:00 two suspects, Otto Tsuseb (52) and Willem Claasen (41) allegedly brought two suspected stolen goats to Usakos from a farm known as Steenbank. It was the purpose of trading the animals.
They allegedly sold the goats to Usakos town councillor Tuhafeni Haufiku (48) without any valid document or identification on delivery. The incident allegedly took place at the Hakhaseb suburb of Usakos.
The goats were recovered on Tuesday (20 June) at the Councillor’s farm in the Usakos area. The total value of the animals is estimated at N$1 600. The owner of the goats has not been located yet.
The suspects were arrested on Tuesday and appeared in the Usakos magistrates court a day later. They were granted bail of N$600 each and the case was postponed to 20 July for further investigation.
The Police is calling on the community residing in the Steenbank farm area, or anyone who lost his/her goats, to contact detective inspector Urib (081 801 6045) or the Usakos Police Station criminal investigation department’s unit commander for identification purposes.
∙Henties Bay mayor Herman Honeb(below) was arrested on similar charges. Honeb allegedly accepted one full cattle carcass without any document or identification on delivery between sunset and sunrise and sold it for N$4 000. The carcass was valued at more than N$8 000. Honeb was freed on bail of N$4000 and will appear again in court in the weeks to come.

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