Another tourist attack

Eileen van der Schyff

A German couple was attacked during botched robbery on the C14 leading to Sossusvlei on Sunday afternoon, making it the fourth attack on tourists in the coastal region in so many weeks. All signs are there that armed robbers are now targeting vehicles, especially tourist vehicles, on remote roads and could seriously harm Namibia’s reputation as a safe haven for tourists.

Mr Evetus Maximilan Meyer was traveling with his wife from Walvis Bay to Sossusvlei/Sesriem in a rented Toyota Hilux, when a black sedan overtook them and forced them to stop. One of the men had an empty 5l container, which gave the couple the impression they were in need of petrol.
Then, two other men jumped out of the black sedan, one armed with an axe and the other with what resembled a baseball bat.

The thug with the bat tried to smash the window on the driver’s side of the Hilux, but the window did not break.
The thug with the axe then punctured one of the rear tyres. The horrified couple sped off with their vehicle despite the flat tyre. They drew the attention and flagged down an oncoming vehicle, also tourists.
The black sedan in the meantime followed the Meyers’ vehicle but when they saw the couple were now with the other tourists passed at high speed and disappeared. Meyer returned to Walvis Bay with the other tourists and reported the matter to the Police.
Police Spokesperson, Detective Gurirab, in the meantime issued a warning that all people traveling on the C14 between Walvis Bay, Sossusvlei/Sesriem and to Windhoek not to stop in any circumstances. It is also advisable to travel in small convoys of more than one vehicle. Hotel- and guesthouse operators and car rental businesses are urged to inform tourists in advance of the situation.
∙A similar incident occurred near Uis recently where robbers in a vehicle attacked foreigners traveling on a remote road. Two tourists were also recently stabbed in separate robberies at Swakopmund.

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