Another truck overturns at Swakop roundabout

A truck transporting close to 40 tons of frozen meat overturned at the notorious round-about in Swakopmund close to the truck port on Friday morning.

This is the second truck to topple over in just a month’s time. The driver was slightly injured and admitted to hospital for further treatment. According to information received at the scene the truck was destined for Walvis Bay where the meat was supposed to be exported. It was loaded in a reefer container. While the truck and trailer were towed from the scene, a 140 ton heavy duty crane from Walvis Bay was required to lift the heavy container. The road was closed for a few hours. Drivers at the scene criticised the layout of the circle as this is the fourth truck to turn over since the roundabout was built a few years ago. Truck drivers should be extra cautious and drive extremely slow. Currently the entrance to Swakopmund on the B2 highway towards Arandis is being diverted through the industrial area as another roundabout is currently being constructed at the turn-off to the airport.
Last time a truck carrying 25 tons of charcoal overturned in the beginning of June at almost the exact same spot. Some of the charcoal still litters the pavement area to this day.
While the trailer landed on its side, spilling the charcoal on the side-walk, the truck remained standing and showed only minor damage. The driver remained unharmed.

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