Another year of agony for pets as fireworks set off on New Year

Dogs in a panicked state were brought to the SPCA Swakopmund animal shelter on 1 January after they ran away from home as fireworks were set off across town on New Years. In total seven dogs were brought to the SPCA or were left in the “Klappe”. That is more animals than the year before. All animals were luckily claimed on the same day and united with their owners.

“In some cases the owners weren’t at home. Some animals get extremely frightened and run away,” said SPCA Kennel Manager Ingried Gürtel to namib times. She re-calls that in the suburbs Kramersdorf and Vineta it was very quiet during the New Year’s celebrations, while at some residences in town fireworks were set off – albeit, illegally. Mile 4 was also a problem. “This is the case every year, especially on the beach area,” she explained.
Gürtel reminded pet owners that some animals are extremely frightened when fireworks are set off. The panicked animals, be it dogs or cats, run away from home.
The SPCA is further asking the public for assistance in tracing a Golden Retriever that went missing north of the camping place at Mile 108, about ten kilometres east of the Winston shipwreck. The dog responds to the name “Nala”.

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