Anti-Apartheid activist Hanno Rumpf found dead in his residence

The body was discovered in his Swakopmund home of Mr Hanno Rumpf, a former struggle icon for Namibian Independence, a permanent secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, then Trade & Indus-try and the National Planning Commission in the first thirteen year after Independence.

Rumpf, who also served time as Namibia’s Ambassador to Germany between 2003 and 2006, retired in 2015 and returned to Swakopmund where he grew up.
It is suspected Rumpf died of heart failure. Two domestic employees of Rumpf, a male and female, became concerned after having last seen him on Monday 4 February this year. On 6 February they again arrived for work but despite knocking Mr. Rumpf did not open the door for them. They thought he was sleeping and did not want to disturb him. They went home.
When on Friday (8 February) when Rumpf again did not answer the door, they became concerned. They approached the Police. Members of the Police and the Fire Brigade gained entry into the house and found Rumpf’s body in the main bedroom next to the bed.

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