Anti-Corruption Commission hit Walvis Bay municipality

The municipality of Walvis Bay is on the radar of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia (ACC) once more. The Commission reportedly confiscated computers and other electronic data storage devices of several high ranking officials, as part of an investigation into alleged acts of corruption.

News of the raid went viral yesterday, among others luring public reactions from one political party, the Affirmative Repositioning(AR) movement. As yesterday was a public holiday (Human Rights Day) no official confirmation could be obtained from neither the ACC or the municipality of Walvis Bay.
Although the names of the officials targeted are known to Namib Times, it would not be made public until such time any arrests are carried out by the ACC.
The AR in a statement on Wednesday said it was ironic that the raid was carried out by the ACC on the same day as International Anti-Corruption Day. The AR urged the ACC to put every effort into probing these three officials. Also for the Commission and the investigating officer to maintain their integrity and prevent any undue influence to hinder the investigation.
The officials targeted are known to have connections with several political connected individuals from the private sector. There are allegations these officials targeted have a corrupt relationship with several connected outsiders, specifically with regard to land deals and housing deals.

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